I’m Moving!

June 7, 2010

This blog is being shut down in favor of my new revamped one. It’ll have the same nonsense, but now with more posts!




May 27, 2010

T.I.B.A.Q. – This Item Begins A Quest

Doing Loremaster, so it’s hard to post.  However, I did find a yummy link full of TIBAQ orgasm goodness.

It Kounts Towards Kalimdor

May 3, 2010

I spent this weekend sick, but it was fairly eventful in-game.

The result of Ye Olde School Raide Night

On Saturday did an Old World Raid Night. This was awesome for several reasons. First, I was made aware of how Njeri wasn’t attuned to any damn thing. Second, a ton of fun and good times was had going through stuff that will change with Cataclysm. Of course, another amazing thing was getting to turn in the Head of Nefarian! Big thanks to Tir and the rest of the gang for that wonderful kindness! Another perk of turning in the head was that it counted towards the tricky Loremaster of Kalimdor achievement.

“So, what was it like? Does Nefarian give good head?” Yeah, it was pretty good and went something like this.

Quest completed!

BUT… I hear his sister gives better.

That being said, my next task is to try and score (giggity) Onyxia’s Head and get a sweet necklace upgrade (giggity)!

WTF is that South of Tanaris?!

April 28, 2010

Even if you’ve earned the “Explore Tanaris Desert” achievement, you may not have really seen Land’s End Beach. Just for a point of reference it’s the spot on the map here with the big freaking arrow pointing toward it.

Way down unda!

If you look south from this beach, you’ll see the shadowy outline of an island. Yesterday, I was doing the quest “Cuergo’s Gold” because someone put Cuergo’s Treasure Map in the guild bank. (ZOMFG, This Item Begins a Quest!) and I beheld the mysterious landmass. Figuring there was fatigue involved, I switched over to my priest so I could heal through it. After finding out that fatigue can be a bitch to manage, I made it into shallow water! So, in case you’re curious too, I have screenshots.

Looking north from the islands

There are Gobo buildings here. Hmm...

Buildings and mobs too

Another island to the south of the first

From the oil rig in the middle

More empty Gobo buildings

I guess this is where all the Aussie pirates hang out. Crikey!

Looking north at it all.

How low can you go? I think this is about it.

On My Way

April 27, 2010

This past weekend was a good start on my way to the Loremaster title.  I wrapped up Icecrown: the Final Goal, which gave me Loremaster of Northrend and got me to exalted status with the Ebon Blade while I was at it. The next day I finished up To Hellfire and Back, got Terror of Terokkar and hit 2000 Quests Completed.

In doing the Loremaster stuff, I’m getting a lot of little things along the way. Rep here, a vanity pet there, and unexpected achievements pop up here and there.  Also, in doing my Netherwing grind, I’ve managed to get 29 quests done for Shadow of the Betrayer so far and I haven’t started in on the regular quests yet.  Win!

So, why Loremaster?  I like questing.  It’s my favorite part of the game.  Raiding and PvP are fun too, but there is so much to be seen and done in Azeroth.  More often than not each NPC has some sort of role in the game and I want to know what that is. Yeah, I know there are a couple with no purpose at all, but even discovering that much is fun for me.  How much fun, you ask?  This much fun!

“This item begins a quest?!!!1!!@!!!1”

Disreputable Blog is Disreputable

April 23, 2010

In the morning?! I don't respect you now!

The wonderful thing about blogs is the bad thing about blogs.  Blogs are completely unfiltered opinion.

There are no advertisers or editors to say what isn’t correct.  There are no distribution hassles beyond a name (any name will do) and an email (any working email will do).  There are no comments nor press that won’t make the blogger’s opinion more visible and prominent.

Blogging is the word on the street of the world.  So I say to my fellow bloggers, pimp that disreputable shit!


April 22, 2010

A few months ago, I would have said that I love my alts and I would even go so far as to say that I don’t have a main.  Today I wouldn’t.  Njeri is now my main toon.

Why would I make such a formal declaration?  The reason is that I’m grinding rep for Njeri that I have done several times over, just so I can have it on my primary character.  Not rep that’s needed for better dps or raid utility, but rep that a main should have.  I started playing WoW in early 2007 and the evidence of that is scattered across several toons that I just don’t play anymore.

That isn’t right!

Of course, there are a few things that I just can’t get on my troll, like the Spirit of Competition, or an Argent Dawn tabard.  That’s okay.  I’ll get what I can before Cataclysm releases.  There’s still time for a Netherwing drake, Skyguard tabard, a Loremaster title, or even a red battle tank.  A lot of people have been saying that the world (of Warcraft) is changing soon.  So I’m going to take their advice and see and do what I can, while I can.

Ow, My Face!

April 14, 2010

Last night was one massive screw up for me.  It felt like I couldn’t do a single thing right.  Either it was my fault ’cause I was a total chihuahua with brain damage or my comp was having shit fits about 25-mans.  *sigh*  One thing I did did truely see first hand is that Survival dps is great up-front but not so good over the long haul.  I think I’ll stick with it though since it does give me a degree of utility (when my computer lets me see and move that is).  Also, I don’t want to completely re-gem for armor pen. Yikes.

This morning I realized that I hadn’t turned in  my BG marks for any of my other toons.  So I headed on over to my old server and cashed them in.  Holy crap I had a metric fuck-ton on my mage!  I stood in front of the mark vendor for a good half-hour just raking in the honor.  Ah, the days when I used to PvP until I fell asleep at my keyboard.  I wonder if I will ever see those days again.

And if you haven’t yet, head over to gravedust13.wordpress.com and see the new awesome piccy of Njeri!

…needs food badly

April 7, 2010

Yesterday was just a huge string of screw-ups on my part that started as soon as I rolled out of bed.  Long story short, I had neither breakfast or lunch and by the time I got home I was seriously out-of-sorts and screwy from hunger.  So what do I do? Join in on a 25-man ToC!

The first thing I see when summoned is a bunch of rabbits. Not just people turned into rabbits, but their pets and their over-sized pets, and their tiny babies.  Seeing as how I still wasn’t partaking in food (which enables me to live), my mind was going to strange places with all these damn rabbits.  There were less than 10 people who weren’t so bored that they participated in this weirdness.  It got me thinking that it might be cool to have a giant bunny mount next year, but immediately thought better of it considering what my current company was up to.

Once the fights began, my frame rates went into slide show mode and my comp started to scream like a poorly mixed Ministry song. All in all I suppose I wasn’t the most horrible in the bunch.  I was the lowest geared hunter and wasn’t the lowest in deeps and managed to beat out the middling geared hunter on the rolls for the crossbow and pants (woot!).  However, once Anub went down I had to let Tir know that I had to go and couldn’t make it to ICC-25.  Why?  I needed food and was promised some Panda!  Yummy.  Even Jacque got some Kung-pao to fuel her pew-pew in ICC.  I was lucky not to be a complete fuck-up in ToC and there was no guarantee of that in ICC.

Don’t know about anyone else, but I get really weird  and off-kilter without some sort of food.  (Yeah, more than usual.)

Funny Friday

April 2, 2010

It’s about time someone made a pic for this joke. Obviously, he didn’t come back right away due to corpse camping. I guess the rest of his 3v3 team wasn’t there.