It Kounts Towards Kalimdor

I spent this weekend sick, but it was fairly eventful in-game.

The result of Ye Olde School Raide Night

On Saturday did an Old World Raid Night. This was awesome for several reasons. First, I was made aware of how Njeri wasn’t attuned to any damn thing. Second, a ton of fun and good times was had going through stuff that will change with Cataclysm. Of course, another amazing thing was getting to turn in the Head of Nefarian! Big thanks to Tir and the rest of the gang for that wonderful kindness! Another perk of turning in the head was that it counted towards the tricky Loremaster of Kalimdor achievement.

“So, what was it like? Does Nefarian give good head?” Yeah, it was pretty good and went something like this.

Quest completed!

BUT… I hear his sister gives better.

That being said, my next task is to try and score (giggity) Onyxia’s Head and get a sweet necklace upgrade (giggity)!

3 Responses to “It Kounts Towards Kalimdor”

  1. Tiræl Says:

    I hear she gives a pearl necklace….:)

  2. slice213 Says:


    all i can say Njeri is OMFG +10 internets to joo.

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