WTF is that South of Tanaris?!

Even if you’ve earned the “Explore Tanaris Desert” achievement, you may not have really seen Land’s End Beach. Just for a point of reference it’s the spot on the map here with the big freaking arrow pointing toward it.

Way down unda!

If you look south from this beach, you’ll see the shadowy outline of an island. Yesterday, I was doing the quest “Cuergo’s Gold” because someone put Cuergo’s Treasure Map in the guild bank. (ZOMFG, This Item Begins a Quest!) and I beheld the mysterious landmass. Figuring there was fatigue involved, I switched over to my priest so I could heal through it. After finding out that fatigue can be a bitch to manage, I made it into shallow water! So, in case you’re curious too, I have screenshots.

Looking north from the islands

There are Gobo buildings here. Hmm...

Buildings and mobs too

Another island to the south of the first

From the oil rig in the middle

More empty Gobo buildings

I guess this is where all the Aussie pirates hang out. Crikey!

Looking north at it all.

How low can you go? I think this is about it.

2 Responses to “WTF is that South of Tanaris?!”

  1. gravedust13 Says:

    Hehe. Cool!

    I never thought to keep trucking south.

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