On My Way

This past weekend was a good start on my way to the Loremaster title.  I wrapped up Icecrown: the Final Goal, which gave me Loremaster of Northrend and got me to exalted status with the Ebon Blade while I was at it. The next day I finished up To Hellfire and Back, got Terror of Terokkar and hit 2000 Quests Completed.

In doing the Loremaster stuff, I’m getting a lot of little things along the way. Rep here, a vanity pet there, and unexpected achievements pop up here and there.  Also, in doing my Netherwing grind, I’ve managed to get 29 quests done for Shadow of the Betrayer so far and I haven’t started in on the regular quests yet.  Win!

So, why Loremaster?  I like questing.  It’s my favorite part of the game.  Raiding and PvP are fun too, but there is so much to be seen and done in Azeroth.  More often than not each NPC has some sort of role in the game and I want to know what that is. Yeah, I know there are a couple with no purpose at all, but even discovering that much is fun for me.  How much fun, you ask?  This much fun!

“This item begins a quest?!!!1!!@!!!1″

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3 Responses to “On My Way”

  1. trixyheleva Says:

    They are quite possibly my 5 fav words in WoW. “This item begins a quest”. Just wanted to illustrate how much. :)

  2. zarigar Says:

    holy hell, that kid is a little too happy about wielding that knife

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