Ow, My Face!

Last night was one massive screw up for me.  It felt like I couldn’t do a single thing right.  Either it was my fault ’cause I was a total chihuahua with brain damage or my comp was having shit fits about 25-mans.  *sigh*  One thing I did did truely see first hand is that Survival dps is great up-front but not so good over the long haul.  I think I’ll stick with it though since it does give me a degree of utility (when my computer lets me see and move that is).  Also, I don’t want to completely re-gem for armor pen. Yikes.

This morning I realized that I hadn’t turned in  my BG marks for any of my other toons.  So I headed on over to my old server and cashed them in.  Holy crap I had a metric fuck-ton on my mage!  I stood in front of the mark vendor for a good half-hour just raking in the honor.  Ah, the days when I used to PvP until I fell asleep at my keyboard.  I wonder if I will ever see those days again.

And if you haven’t yet, head over to gravedust13.wordpress.com and see the new awesome piccy of Njeri!

One Response to “Ow, My Face!”

  1. Medwa Says:

    Reading this reminds me…I have marks on my Hunter and Druid that I can turn in. Thanks for the reminder :D

    Yeah, I admit that I miss the days when it took a respectable amount of effort to get honor. I can still remember the 10 hour epic AV matches, summoning Ivus and all.

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